Knit a Pair of Spider Fingerless Gloves – Now with VIDEOS!


Knit flat on 2 needles with regular worsted weight yarn, this unique design might be just right for you!

Not sure if this pattern is for you? There are YouTube videos showing you exactly how to do the trickier parts. As long as you have the knitting basics covered, I will show you the rest

Not comfortable with downloading? You can always read the ad supported version of the knitting pattern in full here:

How to Knit Fingerless Gloves – With SPIDERS!! – FREE Knitting Pattern

If you would prefer to use another online retailer to download from, you can also find and download this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy. You can also buy the paperback version on Amazon!


The pattern gives instructions to make small, medium and large sizes. And have no worries about the spiders ever falling off. The spiders are created while you knit and are incorporated into the fingerless mittens.

These mitts are knitted completely flat, on 2 needles. There are some more challenging techniques used, but there are a number of  videos to show you exactly how to do it! Here’s the playlist if you want to take a peak!

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