Sir Stanley’s Spectacle Sticks – Stop Slipping Glasses!


Similar to anti-slip nose pads, this hand poured wax blend stick keeps your glasses from sliding down your nose with a single swipe on the nose of your glasses. That’s it. It’s really that simple. And it works all day.

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This isn’t your typical anti-slip nose pad. It’s better!

Just like typical nose pads for glasses, Sir Stanley’s Spectacle Sticks can be applied to all types of plastic frames – sunglass, prescription glasses, and more!

Created when ordered, this hand poured, all-natural product is blended with care and wrapped with a label. Simply peel the label off like a crayon as you need to expose more wax. No more throwing away wasteful plastic tubing! This is a more environmentally friendly option. And no more pesky nose pads to continually buy and replace.

The sticks come in bundles of 3. One for home, one for the office, and one that will inevitably be “borrowed” by your fellow glasses wearer. Each wax stick has a minimum of 4 grams (0.14 oz) of wax. The sticks are hand poured and there is some variation in the amount, size and finish of each stick. Regardless, there is a guarantee of 12 grams (0.42 oz) minimum per bundle of 3.

Due to the variability of the natural base materials (beeswax and cocoa butter) the colour and smell may vary from stick to stick.

I try to use organic products as often as possible, unlike conventional nose pads. Labeling will reflect acquisition of guaranteed organic materials when available. Please note – this is NOT a vegan friendly product and is for external use only! If you have skin sensitivities this product may not be for you.

The sticks were tested to not melt up to 50C / 122F for extended periods. I’m a screen printer by trade, a hot and sweaty job. I left a stick on top of the belt drier and it got a little soft, but was still one piece. Regardless, I would avoid leaving one in the car on a hot summer’s day just to be safe.

I’m truly sorry to all my Canadian customers about the price of shipping. I’ve done my best to keep production costs down, but it costs me nearly $20 to ship these anywhere in the country. To my fellow Canadians, there is an additional $7.50 added. To my international customers, aside from the USA, there is an additional postage charge to help recoup some of that cost. All prices are in USD.

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