Free Knitting Patterns

FREE Knitting Patterns

Since you love to knit, here are all of my knitting patterns that I have written over the years. All of these knitting patterns are FREE and you can use what you make from them as you see fit; sell ’em, give ’em away, hoard ’em in your basement. It’s up to you. All I ask is that you don’t reproduce my knitting patterns in any way, either physically or digitally. Please respect copyright laws and the hard work and effort I’ve put into developing these over the years.

If you are loving all the free patterns, please consider making a small donation to help cover the hosting costs of this website. You can do that here – Help Support My Work. If you’re not able to do so (which is totally fine btw) then please share this page! I’ve provided you with these handy buttons and all it takes is a few clicks. Share this with anyone you think may like it on your social media, email or even text message (the SMS option) 😄

Avoid website ads and buy printable PDF’S of my patterns directly through this websiteRavelry or Etsy for a small fee. You can also purchase finished slippers, fingerless gloves and more from my Etsy shop.

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Free Knitting Patterns

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  1. Thank you for these lovely items to knit. Beautiful patterns and finished items. I’ll come back I hope, to make at least one pair, in nice washable wool.

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