Top 5 Knitting Patterns

Take a quick look to see what knitting patterns are being viewed (and probably being knit) right now!

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  • FREE Knitted Slipper PatternFREE Knitted Slippers Pattern
    This is a simplified version of my very popular Knitted Owl Slipper Pattern. I realized that not everyone may want owls on their slippers. That a more plain slipper was something that any man, woman...
  • Free Knitted Slipper Pattern – With Owls!Knitted Owl Slipper Pattern
    Awesome cozy knitted slippers for women and men with a delightful cabled owl motif. The inspiration came to me while scrolling through the wonders of the internet and stumbling on other knitted slipp...
  • How to Knit Fingerless Gloves – with OWLS!beige owl knitted fingerless gloves
    Also known as fingerless mittens, I seem to have a thing going on for this awesome owl motif. If you haven't seen them already, I also have a Knitted Owl Slipper pattern that you may like. But more a...
  • How to Knit Adult Slippers – FREE Knitting PatternHow to knit adult slippers
    I've decided to share one of my most favourite things to knit...slippers just like my mom used to make. I've given the pattern so anyone can create them for adults from a woman's size 7-12 or a...
  • How to Knit Ribbed Bootie Slippers for AdultsKnitted adult ribbed bootie slippers
    I designed these knitted adult bootie slippers to be as easy to knit as possible. They are knit flat with no extra needles or special techniques required. If you know how to cast on, purl, knit and c...

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