Knitting the loop stitch

Knitting for Beginners – Easy Knitting Videos to Learn Basic Knitting Stitches

Learn how to knit with simple, easy to follow videos! This is a great resource to learn all of the basic knitting stitches that you need. Knitting for beginners can be a bit intimidating but with enough time, practice and patience, anyone can do it.

I recommend that you start with the first video, casting on, and follow the order of the videos. You can watch each individual separately until you feel you’ve masted that technique. Go at your own pace and take all the time you need to learn.

How to Cast On

The Knit Stitch – (K)

The Purl Stitch – (P)

How to Cast Off or Bind Off

K1 P1 Ribbing (Knit 1 Purl 1)

YO or Yarn Over

K2tog or Knit 2 Together

How to Gather Stitches or Draw Together

Picking Up Stitches for the Heel & Making the Heel

How to M1 or Make 1 When Knitting

How to PM1 or Purl Make 1 When Knitting

How to Knit the Fluff or Loop Stitch

C2F or Cable 2 Forward

C2B or Cable 2 Backward

Work in the Ends While Knitting

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