How to M1 or Make 1 When Knitting

This video shows you how to increase between stitches. This is known as M1 or Make 1. It’s a great way to create the increase of stitches for a thumb gusset like I do with all of my fingerless gloves. It’s also used a lot for increasing for sleeves in sweaters. I prefer to use this stitch because it won’t leave a hole in your work like a YO will. It’s also less noticeable than increasing by using 2 stitches in one stitch.

My new knit stitch videos are so much better than the old ones!

If you would like to give this a try, this video clip is actually from the Owl Fingerless Gloves tutorial I shot a while back. The pattern is free to read online. You can use this link – Fingerless Owl Gloves to read it and watch the complete how to video. I have other gloves and mitt patterns on the site too. If you go to my Free Knitting Patterns page, all the patterns are there.