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How to Knit Adult Bootie Slippers

Knitted Adult Bootie Slippers Pattern

I’ve been asked by a number of people to knit them slippers that are a little more snug. A surprising number of people like to sleep with slippers on and have a difficult time finding ones the don’t keep coming off. Now, I can’t guarantee that these will stay on your feet all night but with the extended cuff, these knitted adult bootie slippers will stay on much better than any of the other knitted slippers that I make. This particular knitted slipper design fits feet that are a woman’s size 6 – 11 and a man’s size 5 – 10. I was going to make them for larger and smaller sizes, but there was no demand for it 😕

This is also a great pattern to practice your knitting stitches. In particular, picking up stitches and working on double pointed needles, AKA working in the round. Double pointed needles seems very intimidating but really it’s the same as regular knitting needles; you just don’t flip your work back and forth. If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry! In the tutorial below I show every single step including how to pick up the stitches for the heel and cuff. Once you watch how it’s done you’ll wonder why you never did it before.

If you need a more detailed video that shows you each step from casting on to sewing in the ends, scroll to the bottom of the page. You can watch the video without leaving this page. You can also download the ad free version of this pattern for a small fee here – How to Knit Adult Booties, on Ravelry or from my Etsy Shop.

Things you will need:

If you are having a tough time finding what you need to make these slippers, click any link below to have all your supplies devoured right to your door.

I use this yarn a lot

 250 gr of worsted weight yarn (usually this is less but better to have too much).

Size 5 mm (US size 8) single pointed knitting needles or whatever size to obtain correct gauge.

Set of four size 5 mm (US size 8) double pointed needles or same size as the single pointed needles.

darning needle to sew up seams


12 rows stockinette = 2″

9 stitches stockinette = 2″

Be sure to check your gauge to obtain correct sizing!

Slippers are given for a woman’s size 6-7 (8-9, 10-11) or a man’s 5-6 (7-8, 9-10).

Knitted Adult Bootie Slippers Pattern

Cast on 42 (42, 42) sts

Row 1: K3 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. K14 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 1 more time. P2 K3.

Row 2: P3 *K2 P2* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. K12 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. P3.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 26 (30, 34) rows total.

Next row: K2tog K1 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. K14 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 1 more time. P2 K1 K2tog. (40 sts)

Next row: *P2 K2* Repeat from * to* 2 more times. P2 K12 *P2 K2* Repeat from * to* 2 more times. P2.

Next row: K2 *P2 K2* Repeat From *to* 2 more times. K14 *P2 K2* Repeat from *to* 1 more time. P2 K2. ☺

Repeat from ☺ to ☺ for 20 (22, 24) rows total.

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Shape Toe:

Row 1: *K2tog P2tog* Repeat From *to* 2 more times. K2tog 8 times. *P2tog K2tog* Repeat from * to* 1 more time. P2tog K2tog. (20 sts)

Row 2: *P1 K1* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. P1 K6 *P1 K1* Repeat from *to* 2 more times. P1.

Row 3: K1 K2tog 4 times K1 K2tog 5 times. (11 sts)

Row 4: P4 K3 P4.

Break yarn and draw yarn through the stitches to form the toe.

Form Heel: 

Need a bit of extra help with the heel and cuff? Scroll to the top of the page for a shorter video demonstrating where and how to do it. 

With right side of the slipper facing you, pick up 14 sts on one of your double pointed needles along the sole of the slipper. Work the stitches with another of your double pointed needles. 

Row 1-4: Knit across.

Row 5: K2tog K10 K2tog. (12 sts)

Row 6-7: Knit across.

Row 8: K2tog K8 K2tog. (10 sts)

Row 9-10: Knit across.

Row 11: K2tog K6 K2tog. (8 sts)

Row 12-13: Knit across.

Row 14: K2tog K4 K2tog. (6 sts)

Row 15-16: Knit across.

Row 17: K2tog K2 K2tog. (4 sts)

Row 18-19: Knit across.

Row 20: K2tog twice. (2 sts)

Row 21-22: Knit across.

Keeping the two stitches on your double pointed needle, pick up 36(36, 36) stitches to form the cuff. Pick up 17 stitches down one side, evenly spaced, along the length to where you knitted two together. Starting at where you knitted two together along the other edge, pick up another 17 stitches, evenly spaced. There will be 36 stitches total.

Row 1-10: *K2 P2* Repeat from *to* 7 more times. 8 times total for matching ribbed effect.

Row 11-13: Knit around.

Cast off loosely.

Make another slipper to match. Sew up seams and work in ends.

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  1. Great pattern, thanks for sharing.

  2. Is there a place to print this pattern and maybe leave a donation?

    1. You can download it for a small 99¢ (USD) fee from a number of places. You can download the PDF from Ravelry, my Etsy shop or directly from this website.

      If you’d like to leave a donation or learn other ways you can help support this website, you can check out this page – Help Support My Work.

  3. I need to make a pair for a man with size 13 shoes.Please advise.

    1. Sorry, but that would involve a lot of math to calculate the new measurements.

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    1. hello
      in the pattern you wrote Rep row 1 and row 2 for 26 rows. My question is 26 Rows means row 1 26 times and row 2 26 times so 54 rows or only 26 rows. Please let me know I have to finish the bootie in 3 days. Thanks.

      1. As it says, for 26 rows total. Repeat the 2 rows until you have completed 26 rows. 13 rows for row 1 and 13 rows for row 2. 26 rows total.

  5. On the shape toe start, we knit 2 tog, p2 tog. Are these knit the purl stitches, purl the knit stitches?

    1. You’re keeping the motif of the pattern consistent. When there are 2 knit stitches, knit those together. When there are 2 purl stitches, purl them together. If they’re not matching up correctly, did you decrease at the right spot? The row marked with a ☺.

  6. Fighting my way through the ads is most annoying.

    1. Sorry about that, but the ads help pay for the hosting costs of the website. It’s not free. It’s about $60 a month plus hours and hours of my time. Designing a pattern takes weeks and getting it ready to download and read online is about the same. I’m only one person and I do it all.

      Unfortunately, not many folks buy patterns anymore and most want them for free. I also tried the donation route. I did receive some generous donations but not enough to cover the costs. Thanks to those who gave 🙂

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        1. You’re very welcome from a Canadian lady. 😊

        2. YEAH, ME AS WELL!! Thank you for all u do for everyone!! The hours it takes you are many, I truly wish people could be a little more grateful to you!!! Stay safe and happy!!??

      2. Well said!

  7. Great learner’s video! and excellent pattern 🙂

  8. Are we supposed to joint in the begining of the pattern?

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by “joint” at the beginning of the pattern??? Do you mean join?

      May I suggest watching the video that I embedded into the pattern. It shows every step.

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