Knitting for Beginners – Learn to Knit a Dishcloth


If you wanted to learn how to knit, this is the perfect project! Using only 3 basic stitches and including a complete how-to video on YouTube, you can make a beautiful lace like dishcloth. If you are a more seasoned knitter, you can make these in a few hours or less and these are great to whip up if you want to give them as a gift, or even if you need a dishcloth for yourself. Not only can you use the pattern create a dishcloth, but if you add more rows, you can easily use the same pattern to make a scarf!

Not comfortable with downloading? You can always read the ad supported version of the knitting pattern in full here: The Beginner Knitter – Knit a Dishcloth.



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If you need help at any point, from what supplies you need, to how to do a stitch, to working in the ends, watch the video: The Beginner Knitter – Learn to Knit a Dishcloth and it will explain it all.


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