How to Knit a Cute AF Bows Dishcloth – Knitting Pattern


I’ve always been a fan of knitted dishcloths. Honestly, they last nearly forever, scrub your dishes with minimal effort and work great as a hot pad. And to top it off, it gives you bragging rights and highlights your seriously mad knitting skills.

Not comfortable with downloading the pattern? You can always read the ad supported version of the knitting pattern in full here: Cute AF Bows Dishcloth

If you would prefer to use another online retailer to download from, you can also find and download this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy. Google Play, LoveCrafts and Amazon links may be coming soon. We’ll see how it goes.


If you’ve done a little knitting before and are looking for something that’s a bit more challenging, why not give this knitted dishcloth pattern a whirl! It’s not overly complicated and looks awesome when you’re done. If you know knitting basics, you can easily get this done in an evening over the course of a couple of hours. If you are just learning how to knit or need to brush up on your knitting skills, I’ve also included links in the pattern to videos that show you how to do all the basic stitches.

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