Custom Color Cat Necklace, Minimalist Cat Pendant, Cat Gift for Cat Lovers, Cat Lady Gift


Well, look what turned up again! I really like this motif when it comes to cats. Unlike my glow in the dark versions, this one is just a single coloured cat on a plain wooden background. If you’re so inclined to check out the glow in the dark stuff, you can see it here – Not gonna lie. I think the glow in the dark is pretty fantastic too.

I use a tiny resin mold and a bunch of different colours to make the cats. I use mica powders in different shades to give the color to the wee kitty. The powders make the tiny details visible. I tried to capture that in the photo, but as the pendants themselves are only 3/4″ wide, the cat is maybe half that size. So, yes. The cat is VERY small. I’ve zoomed in as much as I can to see the eyes and line of the front paws.

The black cord necklace is about 17″ long and fastens with a silver tone lobster clasp.

Please choose the colour of cat that appeals to you most. I’ve listed all the colours I have. I’ve made cats in all  of the colours I have.


A little more about these necklaces…

The background is a pre-cut wood form that is coated with numerous layers of resin. The cat is molded separately, tiny and finicky work, stuck on the first layer of resin and coated a number of times after that. It’s a time consuming process.

I can make any number of these pieces. Please note, that since this is a handmade product, there will be variations to the tone of the wood (grain and colour), and positioning of the cat in comparison to the hand drilled hole.

This would make a great cat gift for anyone who is a lover of cats or kittens. Maybe that someone is you!

Free shipping is available only to main land United States because that’s where I sell most of my stuff. If you’re Canadian or elsewhere, I have to add additional shipping costs. it costs me nearly $20 (CAD) to ship within Canada but only $9 (CAD) to the USA. I don’t get it either.

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