How to Crochet Jewelry – Beads and Ladders Crochet Bracelet


Many people think that crocheting is limited to the humble afghan. No way I say! Though afghans are pretty cool too, and I do have a pattern you can read for free online here – How to Crochet an Afghan. Just saying is all…

I have made the crochet pattern download for a very reasonable fee/donation. Please let me know in the REVIEW section on this page if you would prefer to have a FREE ad supported pattern to read online instead of a download. If there is enough desire, I’ll happily put it online. It’s a lot of work and if the demand isn’t there, why put the effort in???



Anyone can use crocheting to create nearly anything you want, including jewelry. With this pattern, you can count yourself among the Fibre Artists who can take nothing more than a simple string, some beads or charms, a little creativity and make something sure to impress.

This crochet pattern shows how to make a stunningly gorgeous bracelet from crochet cotton thread, inexpensive glass pony beads or charms, and a button. Once again, the pattern could easily be extended, quite literally, into making a choker necklace.

Included are a selection of photos demonstrating some less common crochet techniques. Don’t worry, they aren’t difficult to master. If you have some experience crocheting, and if you can crochet a granny square, you will be able to make these bracelets too.

Like all my patterns and tutorials, the PDF download of this crochet pattern allows you to make and sell bracelets, but you may not redistribute or resell this pattern.

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