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Leaf Assortment Scarf by Wiam’s Crafts

There’s not much that I don’t like about this crocheted scarf! From the great photos of the final project, to the colour of yarn chosen, to the detail of the pattern with tons of how-to photos! Not only is the pattern written out in the standard style, but the author of the blog included a crochet chart if that’s how you prefer to read patterns. Or let’s be honest. Not everyone speaks English. A crochet chart helps to solve that problem.

If you want to start crocheting your own version of this delightful scarf, here’s the link to get you there – Leaf Assortment Scarf.

If you want to add to the leaf assortment collection, there is also a headband with the same motif, and as the date of publication of my post, the matching hat is on it’s way!

Don’t miss out on all the other great crochet and knitting patterns on this site! Scroll down the page and past the comments to see a number of other popular patterns that are available.

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Lace Knit shawl by Valentinasknits

Valentina shares step by step instructions for knitting this beautiful lace knit shawl. It would look gorgeous made with all of the self-striping yarns that are out there. The triangular shawl shape, with a diamond repeat pattern features a border edge with a series of romantic floral bouquet motifs.

Read the pattern online here: Lace Knit shawl by Valentinasknits



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Excellent Blogs You Should Read

knitting pattern watermelon slippers

As a blogger and pattern creator myself, I always have a soft spot for my fellow online posters of great patterns. I think there is something to be said for folks that go out of their way to design a pattern, a ton of work btw, and then give it away for free! So here is my latest shoutout to those I’ve found on the “intertubes” that deserve a a few extra page visits, views, likes and shares thrown their way.

Watermelon Chunky Slippers

These are some super cute slippers! Designed to fit both adults and children, you can read this pattern in full on the blog here. And did I mention, it’s free 😉

Kreisel Fingerless Gloves

I’ve always been a fan of crocheted mittens of any style, but I REALLY like the looks of these. I’m a fan of both the design and the colour. Bit of a sucker for the cooler shades… You can read the pattern on the blog here.

Annabelle by DROPS Design

I’m always so impressed by the number of patterns available at this site and love these crocheted slippers! You can read the pattern for this lovely design here.

Ombre Basket Pattern

I actually like this purse/basket so much that I’m going to share this one again. I did once with another website I was running, but that’s a story for another day. The basket is going to turn out based entirely on the yarn colour selections. I know that the yarn cakes are really popular right now but the colour changes may not be short enough to get this fabulous colour transition. But enough on my views, get to making this now! Read the pattern here.

This is a great project for anyone! If you’re learning how to crochet or even if you’re an experienced crocheter (is that even a word) you’ll find the final product super useful. I have one sitting by my kitchen sink right now. And it was from a fellow crocheter (still not sure if that’s a word 🤔). I’m including the how to video and the link where you can read the pattern online – The Best Kitchen Scrubbie


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Stuff for Kids – FREE Knitting Patterns


Sometimes it’s nice to have smaller projects that use up our stash ends. Sometimes we want to give something to that favourite child in our lives. Maybe we are sill looking for an excuse to make something a little more on the fun and whimsical side. Whatever the reason, knitting patterns designed for children seem to involve all those factors. Here’s a quick sampling of the few things I’ve found lurking about on the web.

Almost Lost Washcloth

So not necessarily a kid thing, it’s a bit more on the whimsical side by not being your basic square washcloth. It looks like tit’s knitted in the round but in reality, it’s knitted flat on 2 needles. The swooping effect is created by leaving a few stitches on the needle. Very ingenious. Click here to read the pattern online.

Stacking Stars

Remember the stacking rings that children played with years ago? MThat was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. The star motif for the pattern is the same regardless of the size. What creates the difference in the sizes of the star is how many repeats you do. Available as a download only, You can get the pattern through Ravelry here – Stacking Stars

Snowman Hat Knitting Pattern

Awesomely super cute! Knit up this toque (I’m Canadian, that’s what we call these here 😉) that’s sure to make all the preschoolers a little envious. You can read the pattern in full online here. There is also a PDF download but there is a fee required for that. The links to the downloads are on the website.

Bear With Me Dishcloth

Available as a PDF download from KnitPicks, (tons of patterns there btw), I added this primarily because of the awwwwwww factor. You can get the pattern here – Bear Washcloth

Knitted Pencil Case

I didn’t know that a knitted pencil case was a thing until I found this. I have to admit, I like it. Available as a download only, you can find it on Ravelry here – The Toby Case


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Free Knitting Patterns that Can Make a Difference – Knitting for Charity

knitting pattern for a tote bag

Knitting patterns that either help raise awareness for a cause or charity or are to give to someone comfort in their time of need. If you can’t directly help the organization that provides the pattern, maybe you can start a similar group to help those that live in your community. Let this page be an inspiration to you.

Tote for a Cause

Knit up this tote bag to help raise cancer awareness. This would make a great gift for someone as a show of support. Get the pattern here – Tote for a Cause 

Knitted Knockers

These “knockers” are useful for ladies as a prosthetic after a mastectomy. These are especially useful if the surgery is recent and the patient is tender. Just about every country out there has a chapter of this group. A little research will certainly turn up something near you. The link provided here offers complete step-by-step videos and has both crocheted and knitted versions of the patterns to download for free. Download the pattern – Knitted Knockers

Baby Angel Pocket or Blanket

These are for babies that have been lost due to miscarriage, stillbirth and other complications. There is both a crocheted and knitted version of this pattern. Click here to get the pattern – Baby Angel Pocket or Blanket Why you may want to make these for your local hospital (as taken from the page linked to this entry) :
  • The babies are treated with dignity and respect just as a live baby would be wrapped up when it is born.
  • The blankets and angel pockets help hospital staff present babies to their family in a respectful way.
  • The angel pockets allow parents to ‘hold’ their baby without touching their skin, which is very fragile and deteriorates quite quickly.
  • A dead baby’s body starts to seep fluids shortly after death and the blankets help to ‘soak up’ some of that fluid.
  • Some parents want to keep the blankets they have bought for their baby so choose to bury or cremate them in the donated blanket.
  • The blankets may be kept as a keepsake. When there is very little to show for a baby, a pretty angel pocket or blanket will often be treasured forever.

Knitting Pattern: Five Finger Puppets

It can get pretty dull for anyone who’s stuck in a hospital for any length of time. It’s even harder if you’re a young child. Why not whip up these cute inner puppets. You probably have enough leftovers in your stash to make them right now (I know I do). Read the pattern in full here – Five Finger Puppets 

Pink Ribbon Hat

Another knitting pattern to help raise awareness of breast cancer and show your support for those who’s lives it touches. Read the pattern online here – Pink Ribbon Hat

Hello Preemie Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern 

These are perfect for the tiny little newborns in the hospital. They look super cute and help keep these new additions warm. Just about every hospital with babies can use these. Get the pattern here – Hello Preemie Free Baby Hat


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Socks, Slippers and More!!

knitted bunny slippers

I do like a nice pair of slippers; I certainly do design a lot. But for some reason, maybe because all my spawn are older, I don’t get around to making children’s sizes very often. I actually don’t get around to designing much of anything for kids. Maybe I should… or better yet, I’ll let all the other good people out there design for kids and I’ll share their patterns on my website!

So with that, here is this week’s instalment of some fun, cute and quick to make knitting patterns for children I thought may tickle your fancy. And because I didn’t want anyone to feel left out, there is a treat for you adults in here too. Who doesn’t love Bunny Slippers 🐰😍

Knit Animal Slippers for Children

This is a basic knitted slipper pattern for kids with instructions on how to make cat and the dog head as shown. There are other head patterns that you can buy. Read the pattern here – Animal Slippers

Knit Mice Socks for Kids

OMG! How cute are these!! A basic sock design with a few extra embellishments at the end to create some genuine mouse-y goodness. Now I don’t want to toot my own horn too much, but if you want to make something similar for an adult, I have a knitted sock pattern for adults all ready to go on here. Just sayin’ is all… You can read the pattern for these super cuties here – Knit Mice Socks

Das Monster – Knitted Toddler Pants

Possibly the most fantastic knitted toddler pants to ever be created. And though the original pattern was more like the purple and green ones with the teeth, with a bit of tweaking, you could personalize these to be like the Elmo ones. But of course that would be Elmo inspired or a tribute to Elmo. Not the actual Elmo himself because that would be copyright infringement and we don’t want none of that sorta stuff ’round here. Read the pattern here – Das Monster

Duck Feet – Knitted Slippers/Socks

I’ve shared these awesome slippers or socks before because I love them so much! This version is written for toddlers, but you can make them for adults too! Go to Ravelry and you can download the PDF from the same designer. The pattern is written in full here – Knitted Duck Feet for toddlers and here – Duck Feet for Adults.

Bunny Toes – Knitted Baby Booties

Yet another super cute pair of what really are tiny socks with ears and a bit of extra embroidery. But gosh, darn it! Look at what you get! The pattern ranges from 1 month to 4 years. I haven’t tried this pattern yet, but it’s done with very fine yarn and small DPN. If you used a larger gauge of needle and some thicker yarn, it may magically transform into adult sized socks. The number of cast on stitches is the same as my socks, so technically, it should work… let me know if you try. Read the pattern here – Bunny Toes – Knitted Baby Booties

Bunny Hop – Thrummed Bunny Slippers

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what “thrummed” or “thrumming” was (or that it was even a word) until I found this pattern. Thankfully, this pattern not only explains it, but shows you how to do it. In this instance, it makes a cushier, thicker sole. I may need to keep this in mind for future designs… The pattern is in adult sizes only and can be sans bunny parts to make a more sophisticated slipper for those with discerning tastes. Read the pattern here – Bunny Hop Thrummed Bunny Slippers