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Free Knitting Patterns that Can Make a Difference – Knitting for Charity

knitting pattern for a tote bag

Knitting patterns that either help raise awareness for a cause or charity or are to give to someone comfort in their time of need. If you can’t directly help the organization that provides the pattern, maybe you can start a similar group to help those that live in your community. Let this page be an inspiration to you.

Tote for a Cause

Knit up this tote bag to help raise cancer awareness. This would make a great gift for someone as a show of support. Get the pattern here – Tote for a Cause 

Knitted Knockers

These “knockers” are useful for ladies as a prosthetic after a mastectomy. These are especially useful if the surgery is recent and the patient is tender. Just about every country out there has a chapter of this group. A little research will certainly turn up something near you. The link provided here offers complete step-by-step videos and has both crocheted and knitted versions of the patterns to download for free. Download the pattern – Knitted Knockers

Baby Angel Pocket or Blanket

These are for babies that have been lost due to miscarriage, stillbirth and other complications. There is both a crocheted and knitted version of this pattern. Click here to get the pattern – Baby Angel Pocket or Blanket Why you may want to make these for your local hospital (as taken from the page linked to this entry) :
  • The babies are treated with dignity and respect just as a live baby would be wrapped up when it is born.
  • The blankets and angel pockets help hospital staff present babies to their family in a respectful way.
  • The angel pockets allow parents to ‘hold’ their baby without touching their skin, which is very fragile and deteriorates quite quickly.
  • A dead baby’s body starts to seep fluids shortly after death and the blankets help to ‘soak up’ some of that fluid.
  • Some parents want to keep the blankets they have bought for their baby so choose to bury or cremate them in the donated blanket.
  • The blankets may be kept as a keepsake. When there is very little to show for a baby, a pretty angel pocket or blanket will often be treasured forever.

Knitting Pattern: Five Finger Puppets

It can get pretty dull for anyone who’s stuck in a hospital for any length of time. It’s even harder if you’re a young child. Why not whip up these cute inner puppets. You probably have enough leftovers in your stash to make them right now (I know I do). Read the pattern in full here – Five Finger Puppets 

Pink Ribbon Hat

Another knitting pattern to help raise awareness of breast cancer and show your support for those who’s lives it touches. Read the pattern online here – Pink Ribbon Hat

Hello Preemie Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern 

These are perfect for the tiny little newborns in the hospital. They look super cute and help keep these new additions warm. Just about every hospital with babies can use these. Get the pattern here – Hello Preemie Free Baby Hat


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