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Easy to Knit Rolled Cuff Slippers – FREE Knitting Pattern

Easy to Knit One Piece Rolled Cuff Slippers - free knitting pattern

I’ve written a number of slipper patterns over the years with a couple of goals in mind, two goals to be specific. The first is to never have any seams to sew. This pattern didn’t meet this requirement. I offer a heartfelt apology for this. 

The other goal is to make them as easy as possible so new knitters or those with not as much experience, can knit something that gives a great final product. This pattern was written specifically to avoid any difficult techniques, specifically, picking up stitches. That is why this pattern is done in one piece; starting at the heel and working towards the toe. 

The cuff is made as you knit the piece. Because of the stitches used, it automatically rolls back up on itself giving a nice finished edge without adding any additional stitches or work. I’m also thinking of making a slipper with a tighter more fitted cuff done in the same, one piece design. Let me know what you think. You can send me an email through my contact page at

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Things You Need

Yarn (a standard ball of worsted weight yarn will be more than enough)

Size 5 mm (US 8 ) single pointed needles

Tapestry needle to sew seams and work in ends

Gauge(in stockinette)

18 stitches = 4 inches 

24 rows = 4 inches 

Sizes are written as such:

  • Women’s 6-7 (8-9, 10-11, 12)
  • Men’s 6 (7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13)

Heel Flap

Cast on 2

Row 1: Knit across.

Row 2: Increase in each stitch. (4 sts)

Row 3 – 4 : Knit across.

Row 5: Increase in the first stitch. K until one stitch remains. Increase in this stitch. (6 sts)

Row 6 – 7: Knit across.

Row 8: Increase in the first stitch. K until one stitch remains. Increase in this stitch. (8 sts)

Row 9 – 10: Knit across.

Row 11: Increase in the first stitch. K until one stitch remains. Increase in this stitch. (10 sts)

Row 12 – 13: Knit across.

Row 14: Increase in the first stitch. K until one stitch remains. Increase in this stitch. (12 sts)

Row 15 – 16: Knit across.


The following rows are for sizes Women’s 10, 11 and 12 and Men’s sizes 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 ONLY:

Next row: Increase in the first stitch. K until one stitch remains. Increase in this stitch (14 sts)

Next 2 rows: Knit across.

Continue the pattern for all sizes.

Next row: Cast on 16 stitches. (Yes, you already have 12 (12, 14, 14, 14) stitches on your needle. After casting on, you’ll have 28 (28, 30, 30, 30) sts on your needle). The following is worked over the stitches you just cast on and the stitches from the heel. P4 *K3 P1* Repeat from * to * 2 times more. K12 (12, 14, 14, 14). As you worked those stitches, your work was transferred onto the other needle. Cast on another 16 sts onto this needle. (You now have 44 (44, 46, 46, 46 sts) on your needle)

♥ Next row: Knit across.

Next row: P4 *K3 P1* Repeat from * to * 2 times more. K12 (12, 14, 14, 14). ◘ P1 K3 ◘ Repeat from ◘ to ◘ 2 times more. P4. ♥ Repeat from ♥ to ♥ 11 (12, 13, 14, 15) times more for 24, (26, 28, 30, 32) rows total.

Shaping Toe

Next row: K2tog K to the last 2 sts K2tog. (42 (42, 44, 44, 44) sts)

Next row: P3 *K3 P1* Repeat from * to * 2 times more. K12 (12, 14, 14, 14). ◘ P1 K3 ◘ Repeat from ◘ to ◘ 2 timesmore. P3.

Next row: K2tog K to the last 2 sts K2tog. (40 (40, 42, 42, 42) sts)

Next row: P2 *K3 P1* Repeat from * to * 2 times more. K12 (12, 14, 14, 14). ◘ P1 K3 ◘ Repeat from ◘ to ◘ 2 timesmore. P2.

Next row: Knit across.

Next row: P2 *K3 P1* Repeat from * to * 2 times more. K12 (12, 14, 14, 14). ◘ P1 K3 ◘ Repeat from ◘ to ◘ 2 timesmore. P2. ☺ Repeat from ☺ to ☺ 12 (13, 14, 15, 16) times more for 26 (28, 30, 32, 34) rows total.

End Toe

Next row: K2tog 10 (10, 11, 11, 11) times. K1 K2tog to last 3 sts. K1 K2tog. 

Next row: P1 K2 *P1 K1* Repeat from * to * once P1 K6 (6, 7, 7, 7) *P1 K1* Repeat from * to * 2 time more. P1.

Next row: K1 K2tog 4 (4, 5, 5, 5) times. K1 (1, 0, 0, 0) times. K2tog until last st. K1

Next row: P1 K1 P3 K3 P4.

Break yarn and pull through. Pull tight to draw loops together.

Sew seam on top of toe and the heel flap to the sides of the slipper (the 16 stitches you cast on earlier) and join the edges of the cuff together in the back above the flap.

Hints and Tips

Sew the seam on the top of the toe up to where you K2tog when shaping the toe. If you don’t like what the join looks like, you can always make a pom pom to cover it.

Leave a longer length of yarn when you first start the slipper. You can use this piece to sew one of the seams along the heel flap. When you end the slipper, leave that yarn length longer too. You can use the length to sew the toe seam.

The sizing of these slippers is very forgiving. The garter stitch used throughout helps the slipper to stretch both width and length wise. If your gauge is off by a row or a stitch, you should be able to get the size of slipper you want.


K – Knit

P – Purl

K2tog – knit 2 together

sts – stitches

st – stitch

The pattern allows you to make, sell or give away any of the slippers that you make. You are NOT permitted to redistribute this pattern in any way. The purchase the PDF is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY! Sharing copies of my patterns robs me of what I financially gain from my hard work and creativity that goes into designing my patterns. Please respect my copyright.

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Super Cozy Textured Adult Bootie Slippers – FREE Knitting Pattern

Super Cozy Textured Adult Bootie Slippers - FREE Knitting Pattern

What happens when you cross a slipper with a dishcloth? No, this isn’t a joke. This is exactly what inspired me to design this new slipper. I had recently written and published my latest pattern Textured Easy to Knit Dishcloth Pattern and thought to my self, “That texture is reversible. I bet I could work that into a slipper pattern. But which one?” Then it dawned on me. Because this isn’t a very stretchy texture, it would be slouchy and baggy, but it would have to fit snuggly around the foot to stay on. Then I realized my super popular Free Knitted Moccasin Slipper Pattern does exactly that! And this knitting pattern was born… But enough about the genesis of slipper patterns.

This pattern is written for adult sizes. If there are enough folks that leave a comment requesting child sizes, I’ll happily do it. It involves a lot of math and if there is no demand, I don’t want to put all the effort into it for nothing.

Like always, you can find the ad-free, downloadable, printable PDF version of this pattern through all my regular online purveyors of creation such as Ravelry, Etsy, LoveCrafts and of course this website at Adult Moccasin Bootie Slippers – Classic Ugg Style – Knitting Pattern.

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Things You Need

1 ball of worsted weight yarn (average 260 yard, 5 oz or 141 gram ball will be more than enough). I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn when designing the pattern but any worsted weight yarn will suffice.

2 sets of size 4 mm (US size 6) single point knitting needles.

Stitch holder

Tapestry needle to sew in ends. You can also use this handy tutorial to show you how to work in the ends while knitting these slippers.

Patterns, Jewelry and More for Sale in My Shop


With size 4 mm (US size 6) needles or whatever size you need to obtain the correct number of stitches and rows. Be sure to check your gauge otherwise the sizing won’t be correct.

In garter stitch

4” = 16 sts

4” = 40 rows

Sizes (are written as such)

Women’s 6-7 (8-9, 10-11, 12-13)

Men’s 5-6 (7-8, 9-10, 11-12)

To Begin

Cast on 58 (62, 66, 70)

🌺  Row 1 – 2: K1 P1 across.

Row 3 – 4: K across. 🌺

Repeat from 🌺 to 🌺 8 more times. (If you want a longer bootie, make more repeats of these 4 rows.)

Repeat Row 1 – 2 one more time.

Break yarn when completed row 2.

Toe Flap

Next Row: With RIGHT side facing, transfer the first 22 (24, 2628) stitches to a stitch holder. Reattach the yarn and K1 P1 across the next 14 stitches (the start of the toe flap). Leave the remaining 22 (24, 2628) stitches on the needle unworked.

The following rows are worked back and forth on the 14 toe flap stitches only!

🍎 Next 2 Rows: Knit across.

Next 2 Rows: K1 P1 across. 🍎

Repeat from 🍎 to 🍎 6 (7, 8, 9) more times. You now have 28 (32, 36, 40) rows total for the toe flap. 

Break yarn. You’ll have the 14 stitches of the toe flap on your needle and the 22 (24, 2628) stitches you left on the needle when you started making the toe flap.

Making the Sides of the Slipper

This is where you’re going to need the extra set of knitting needles. You’ll be knitting back and forth in rows but the turn around of the toe is too tight to use circular needles. For this, you’ll put the 14 toe flap stitches on one of your extra needles. It’s a little unconventional, but it works.

Next Row: With the RIGHT side facing, transfer the 22 (24, 2628) stitches from the stitch holder onto one of your needles. Attach your yarn and K2tog the 22 (24, 2628) stitches. You will now have 11 (12, 13, 14) stitches on your working needle.

With the working needle, pick up 21 (22, 23, 24) stitches evenly along the edge of the toe flap. (All of these stitches are on ONE needle. (There are now 32, (34, 36, 38) stitches on this needle.)

With another needle, knit the 14 stitches of the toe flap. (14 stitches on this needle)

With another needle, pick up 21 (22, 23, 24) stitches evenly along the side of the toe flap. 

With your working needle that has the picked up stitches, K2tog the 22 (24, 2628) stitches that are on the non-working needle. You will now have 32 (34, 36, 38) stitches on this needle.

You should now have 3 needles holding stitches with all the points pointing as shown below when laid flat. You also have one spare needle to knit with. You are now going to knit in rows, back and forth with these three needles. Once you finish knitting all the stitches on one needle, move on to the next needle (the point of the needle is right there) until you complete the row.

Needle arrangement for textured bootie slippers
How the needle arrangement should look.

Knit the next 10 (12, 14, 16) rows

There are 5 (6, 7, 8) ridges on the tip of the toe.

The photo below shows the 5 ridges for the women’s size 6-7 or the men’s 5-6.

Five ridges picked up along the toe flap. The ridges going vertically are the textured motif. 
I forgot to take a new photo and reused the photo from another pattern.
The horizontal ridges look the same for you.

Making the Sole

Next Row: With WRONG side facing. Cast off all the stitches from the first needle loosely. You’ll need to pass the last stitch from the first needle over the first stitch of the toe flap stitches (second needle).

Using the same needle that now has one stitch, knit the remaining 13 stitches of the toe flap. Cast off all the stitches from the third needle loosely. Break yarn.

Next Row: With the RIGHT side facing, attach yarn and knit the first stitch of the cast off stitches by the toe flap (cast off stitch on the right by the point of the needle).

K2tog. Knit to the last 2 stitches K2tog. Pick up the cast off stitch by the point of your needle. (14 stitches).

PLEASE NOTE: To make the picking up of the cast off stitches easier, count the number of cast off stitches on one side and count off the same number of cast off stitches on the other side. In other words, count up 32 (34, 36, 38) cast off stitches when picking up the first stitch, work across as written above, count up 32 (34, 36, 38) cast off stitches on the opposite side and pick up a stitch.

Quick tip – wrap the yarn counterclockwise around your needle and turn it down to pull the yarn through the cast off stitch on the right. If you have a hard time doing this, you can also use a crochet hook to pull the loop through and place that loop on your working needle.

You now are working back and forth along the bottom of the foot picking up one cast off stitch on each side as you go.

Next Row: Knit across.

💋 Next Row: Pick up the next stitch of the cast off stitches. K2tog. Knit to the last 2 stitches K2tog. Pick up the cast off stitch on the other side of the slipper by the point of your needle. (14 stitches).

Next Row: Knit across 💋

Repeat from 💋 to 💋 down the entire length of the foot. There are equal number of cast off stitches along each side. How many rows varies depending on the size of slipper you’re making. Be sure to end with a completed knit across row.

Starting the sole. Right side. (I reused the photos but making the sole is the same 
for this pattern. The centre portion has the textured motif for what you’re making.)
Working your way down while making the sole. Wrong side.
Continue to work down the length of the sole.
Still further down the sole. Note how the cast off edges are being picked up as you go.
Keep going until you reach the end of the cast off stitches.

Making the Heel

🍄 Next Row: With the RIGHT side facing, pick up a stitch in the row closest to the sole of the slipper. Count how many ridges it is for the size you are making. (There are 5 (6, 7, 8) ridges on the side of the slipper before the cuff pattern begins.)

Ridges on the side of adult bootie slipper
The photo above shows 5 rows of ridges. You’ll have more than 5 ridges 
when making the larger sizes.
The above photo shows 9 rows of ridges.

K2tog. Knit to the last 2 stitches. K2tog. Count down the same number of ridges on the other side and pick up a stitch in the space beneath it. (14 stitches). 

Picking up the stitch on the other side.

Next Row: Knit across 🍄

Repeat from 🍄 to 🍄 0 (1, 2, 3) more times. Count down one less ridge for each row where you pick up a stitch along the side of the slipper. Another way to say it is…Work your way up the ridges closer to the cuff pattern when you pick up a stitch on each side when the RIGHT side facing you.

🌻 Next Row: Count down one ridge less than the previous row and pick up a stitch in the space beneath it. K2tog twice. Knit until the last 4 stitches. K2tog twice. Count down the same number of ridges and pick up a stitch in the space beneath it on the other side.

Next Row: Knit across. 🌻

Repeat from 🌻 to 🌻 until 6 stitches remain. You will start picking up stitches in the patterned cuff on each side. That’s OK!!! 

Next Row: Pick up a stitch. K2tog 3 times. Pick up a stitch on the other side. 

Next Row (wrong side): K2tog K1 K2tog.

Next Row: Knit the 3 sts together.

Break yarn leaving a length of yarn long enough (12ish inches) to sew up the remaining seam.

Make another slipper.

Yes, they do look a little boxy when they’re done and not on a foot. The stretch of the garter stitch on the sides and the sole allows these slippers to stretch around the contours of any foot easily.

More of my stuff on Etsy:

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Instructions are on my website here: How to Display Etsy Items on Your Website

Hints and Tips

If you want a longer cuff at the top, work more repeats of the first 4 rows than stated at the beginning when you cast on. The red striped slippers have approximately twice the number of repeats as written. The purple slippers have the exact number of repeats as written.

If you want to fold the slipper and create a cuff, sew the seam on the wrong side as you usually would.. Work your way down until a little less than half way. Sew the rest of the seam on with the right side facing. You’ll have a nearly invisible seam if you do this. See the photo below.

sewing the seam to make a cuff

When picking up stitches from the cast off row, be sure you’re really moving on to the next cast off stitch! It’s an easy mistake to pick up a stitch in a stitch you previously picked up. If in doubt, give the needle holding the stitches a bit of a tug. You’ll see the yarn move slightly at the very back, closest to the needle. Pick up a stitch at the NEXT cast off stitch.

If you don’t have the same number of stitches on both sides when you are forming the sole, you may have picked up a stitch twice in one stitch or missed one. Don’t worry! This is fixable. You can skip one cast off stitch if you need to make it even, or pick up a cast off stitch twice on the other side. There’s enough stretch in the slipper that any puckering this causes won’t be overly visible if you’re off by a stitch or two.

To speed up finishing the slippers and not have so many ends to sew in, hold the yarn ends to the back of your work as you knit. I have a tutorial on my website at that shows you how. You can search my website for the title How to Work in the Ends While Knitting – You have to add KweenBee to the title to get my how-to when doing a search through your preferred search engine.


k – knit

p – purl

k2tog – knit 2 together

st – stitch

sts – stitches

Like all of my patterns you have my permission to sell and/or give away the slippers that you make using this pattern. You are NOT permitted to reprint this pattern in any form unless you have obtained my written permission to do so. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions at

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FREE Knitted Jewelry Patterns

If you’re looking to knit something different than a pair of slippers, sweaters, socks or mittens, look no further (and I bet you didn’t even know that knitted jewelry was “a thing” 😉). Well folks, it certainly is and here are a few of my favourite designs that I found online to share with you.

Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff 

OMG the is so pretty!!! The free PDF is available as a download through Ravelry. Includes both written and chart instructions and is written in English and Dutch.

Download it here – Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff

Knitted Bluebird Brooch 

I really like the look of this one. Simple and cute! Be warned. I’m not sure how long/if the link will continue to work. This was apparently uploaded to the internet a while ago and is actually in an archive section. It may take a while to load the page.

Hope this works, but here’s the link – Knitted Bluebird Brooch


Love the title for this one 😅. This is another one of those knitting patterns that really can be made to suit the wearer with something as simple as choosing a variegated yarn. Regardless, this lacy necklace would make a great gift, even or yourself 😉

Read it here – Knecklace

Perdita – A Pretty Knitted Bracelet

I absolutely love this and is what inspired this list, if I can be honest. The pattern is written out in full as a chart AND as the written pattern. I love the final look of this knitted bracelet.

You can read it here – Perdita

Band Cuffs

These would look great alone or stacked together as shown. And what a great way to use up the left over stash! (We all have those tiny balls that we hoard for projects just like these. Admit it.) 

Read it online or get the PDF here – Band Cuffs

The Nameless Choker

If you’re into lace knitting, this may be right up your alley. Made with a small quantity of sock yarn, you could get a bunch of different effects if using a variegated yarn. 

You can read the pattern in full online here – The Nameless Choker


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Stuff for Kids – FREE Knitting Patterns


Sometimes it’s nice to have smaller projects that use up our stash ends. Sometimes we want to give something to that favourite child in our lives. Maybe we are sill looking for an excuse to make something a little more on the fun and whimsical side. Whatever the reason, knitting patterns designed for children seem to involve all those factors. Here’s a quick sampling of the few things I’ve found lurking about on the web.

Almost Lost Washcloth

So not necessarily a kid thing, it’s a bit more on the whimsical side by not being your basic square washcloth. It looks like tit’s knitted in the round but in reality, it’s knitted flat on 2 needles. The swooping effect is created by leaving a few stitches on the needle. Very ingenious. Click here to read the pattern online.

Stacking Stars

Remember the stacking rings that children played with years ago? MThat was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. The star motif for the pattern is the same regardless of the size. What creates the difference in the sizes of the star is how many repeats you do. Available as a download only, You can get the pattern through Ravelry here – Stacking Stars

Snowman Hat Knitting Pattern

Awesomely super cute! Knit up this toque (I’m Canadian, that’s what we call these here 😉) that’s sure to make all the preschoolers a little envious. You can read the pattern in full online here. There is also a PDF download but there is a fee required for that. The links to the downloads are on the website.

Bear With Me Dishcloth

Available as a PDF download from KnitPicks, (tons of patterns there btw), I added this primarily because of the awwwwwww factor. You can get the pattern here – Bear Washcloth

Knitted Pencil Case

I didn’t know that a knitted pencil case was a thing until I found this. I have to admit, I like it. Available as a download only, you can find it on Ravelry here – The Toby Case


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More Free Patterns for Cute Things

It’s been a while since I did a little research and found some great patterns that are available to read online or to download. As always, this short list is curated and all of the knitting and crochet patterns linked to are free. If you find that a link isn’t working, or the pattern is no longer free, please leave a comment below.


Child Sweater Knitting Pattern

OMG! Soooooo cute! I absolutely love this knitted sweater. Gives the full instructions to make it in 4 different sizes. For sure one will be the right size for the little one you have in mind.

You can read the pattern in full here – Knitted Truck Sweater.


Crocheted Soccasins

“What is a Soccasin? It is a unisex moccasin-style slipper with a built-in sock leg to keep little feet very toasty and warm.” You can also switch up the pattern to make a ballet slipper or Mary Jane’s. I’ve given the link to the main page. The link to the pattern is here.

Read the pattern online –  Crocheted Soccasins


FREE Knitting Stitches

Not necessarily falling under the “cute” title, I think many of you will find this incredibly useful. This is a great collection of various knitting stitches to use in upcoming projects. Some are for texture, some use colour, but the collection of various stitches a guaranteed to impress.

Look at the collection of them here – Free Knit Stitches


Abominable Baby Slippers

Another of those very old patterns that’s been archived, but you can still read online. You can use this crochet pattern to make slippers that are for a new born up to 2 years old.

Read it in full online here – Abominable Baby Slippers


Just Ducky – Hat & Slipper Socks

These links are a bit more complicated and the ducky hat and the ducky slipper socks are on two separate webpages. Put them together and you get this awesome knitted combo!

Be aware that the author of this pattern doesn’t want you to sell anything you make from the patterns. It’s for personal use only.

Get the patterns here – Just Ducky Hat and Just Ducky Slipper Socks


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Knitted Scarf & Cowl – FREE Knitting Patterns

When the wind starts to blow and temperatures get cold, it’s time to bundle up and keep warm with these knitted scarf and cowl patterns. All are free and available as either a download or to read online.

Pleated Scarf Pattern

Make a lovely scarf with this pattern. The pattern itself forms the pleats with no folding or ironing involved. If I don’t have to iron to make it look like this, I’m sold!  Get the download on Ravelry here – Arisaid Pleated Scarf


Twined Flowers

A bit of a different design that makes for a lovely, drape-y kind of feel. The pattern is online and can also be downloaded. The link to see it says download, but it will open up in your browser window. Read it here – Twin Flowers Scarf Pattern


Knitted Cowl Pattern

A simple and repetitive pattern and great for the beginner knitter. You can read the pattern in full online here – Birthday Cowl.


Textured Knit Purl Cowl 

This cowl made with a soft wool would feel absolutely amazing! The pattern is written out in full on the website. And it’s so easy, it’s literally 2 rows repeated over and over. Read the pattern here – Textured Knit Purl Cowl


First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf

Another pattern that’s great for a beginning knitter. As long as you know how to Yarn Over and have your basic stitches down, you’ll do great at this! Read the pattern in full online here – First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf