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FREE Knitted Jewelry Patterns

If you’re looking to knit something different than a pair of slippers, sweaters, socks or mittens, look no further (and I bet you didn’t even know that knitted jewelry was “a thing” 😉). Well folks, it certainly is and here are a few of my favourite designs that I found online to share with you.

Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff 

OMG the is so pretty!!! The free PDF is available as a download through Ravelry. Includes both written and chart instructions and is written in English and Dutch.

Download it here – Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff

Knitted Bluebird Brooch 

I really like the look of this one. Simple and cute! Be warned. I’m not sure how long/if the link will continue to work. This was apparently uploaded to the internet a while ago and is actually in an archive section. It may take a while to load the page.

Hope this works, but here’s the link – Knitted Bluebird Brooch


Love the title for this one 😅. This is another one of those knitting patterns that really can be made to suit the wearer with something as simple as choosing a variegated yarn. Regardless, this lacy necklace would make a great gift, even or yourself 😉

Read it here – Knecklace

Perdita – A Pretty Knitted Bracelet

I absolutely love this and is what inspired this list, if I can be honest. The pattern is written out in full as a chart AND as the written pattern. I love the final look of this knitted bracelet.

You can read it here – Perdita

Band Cuffs

These would look great alone or stacked together as shown. And what a great way to use up the left over stash! (We all have those tiny balls that we hoard for projects just like these. Admit it.) 

Read it online or get the PDF here – Band Cuffs

The Nameless Choker

If you’re into lace knitting, this may be right up your alley. Made with a small quantity of sock yarn, you could get a bunch of different effects if using a variegated yarn. 

You can read the pattern in full online here – The Nameless Choker


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Stuff for Kids – FREE Knitting Patterns


Sometimes it’s nice to have smaller projects that use up our stash ends. Sometimes we want to give something to that favourite child in our lives. Maybe we are sill looking for an excuse to make something a little more on the fun and whimsical side. Whatever the reason, knitting patterns designed for children seem to involve all those factors. Here’s a quick sampling of the few things I’ve found lurking about on the web.

Almost Lost Washcloth

So not necessarily a kid thing, it’s a bit more on the whimsical side by not being your basic square washcloth. It looks like tit’s knitted in the round but in reality, it’s knitted flat on 2 needles. The swooping effect is created by leaving a few stitches on the needle. Very ingenious. Click here to read the pattern online.

Stacking Stars

Remember the stacking rings that children played with years ago? MThat was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. The star motif for the pattern is the same regardless of the size. What creates the difference in the sizes of the star is how many repeats you do. Available as a download only, You can get the pattern through Ravelry here – Stacking Stars

Snowman Hat Knitting Pattern

Awesomely super cute! Knit up this toque (I’m Canadian, that’s what we call these here 😉) that’s sure to make all the preschoolers a little envious. You can read the pattern in full online here. There is also a PDF download but there is a fee required for that. The links to the downloads are on the website.

Bear With Me Dishcloth

Available as a PDF download from KnitPicks, (tons of patterns there btw), I added this primarily because of the awwwwwww factor. You can get the pattern here – Bear Washcloth

Knitted Pencil Case

I didn’t know that a knitted pencil case was a thing until I found this. I have to admit, I like it. Available as a download only, you can find it on Ravelry here – The Toby Case


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More Free Patterns for Cute Things

It’s been a while since I did a little research and found some great patterns that are available to read online or to download. As always, this short list is curated and all of the knitting and crochet patterns linked to are free. If you find that a link isn’t working, or the pattern is no longer free, please leave a comment below.


Child Sweater Knitting Pattern

OMG! Soooooo cute! I absolutely love this knitted sweater. Gives the full instructions to make it in 4 different sizes. For sure one will be the right size for the little one you have in mind.

You can read the pattern in full here – Knitted Truck Sweater.


Crocheted Soccasins

“What is a Soccasin? It is a unisex moccasin-style slipper with a built-in sock leg to keep little feet very toasty and warm.” You can also switch up the pattern to make a ballet slipper or Mary Jane’s. I’ve given the link to the main page. The link to the pattern is here.

Read the pattern online –  Crocheted Soccasins


FREE Knitting Stitches

Not necessarily falling under the “cute” title, I think many of you will find this incredibly useful. This is a great collection of various knitting stitches to use in upcoming projects. Some are for texture, some use colour, but the collection of various stitches a guaranteed to impress.

Look at the collection of them here – Free Knit Stitches


Abominable Baby Slippers

Another of those very old patterns that’s been archived, but you can still read online. You can use this crochet pattern to make slippers that are for a new born up to 2 years old.

Read it in full online here – Abominable Baby Slippers


Just Ducky – Hat & Slipper Socks

These links are a bit more complicated and the ducky hat and the ducky slipper socks are on two separate webpages. Put them together and you get this awesome knitted combo!

Be aware that the author of this pattern doesn’t want you to sell anything you make from the patterns. It’s for personal use only.

Get the patterns here – Just Ducky Hat and Just Ducky Slipper Socks


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Knitted Scarf & Cowl – FREE Knitting Patterns

When the wind starts to blow and temperatures get cold, it’s time to bundle up and keep warm with these knitted scarf and cowl patterns. All are free and available as either a download or to read online.

Pleated Scarf Pattern

Make a lovely scarf with this pattern. The pattern itself forms the pleats with no folding or ironing involved. If I don’t have to iron to make it look like this, I’m sold!  Get the download on Ravelry here – Arisaid Pleated Scarf


Twined Flowers

A bit of a different design that makes for a lovely, drape-y kind of feel. The pattern is online and can also be downloaded. The link to see it says download, but it will open up in your browser window. Read it here – Twin Flowers Scarf Pattern


Knitted Cowl Pattern

A simple and repetitive pattern and great for the beginner knitter. You can read the pattern in full online here – Birthday Cowl.


Textured Knit Purl Cowl 

This cowl made with a soft wool would feel absolutely amazing! The pattern is written out in full on the website. And it’s so easy, it’s literally 2 rows repeated over and over. Read the pattern here – Textured Knit Purl Cowl


First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf

Another pattern that’s great for a beginning knitter. As long as you know how to Yarn Over and have your basic stitches down, you’ll do great at this! Read the pattern in full online here – First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf