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More Free Patterns for Cute Things

It’s been a while since I did a little research and found some great patterns that are available to read online or to download. As always, this short list is curated and all of the knitting and crochet patterns linked to are free. If you find that a link isn’t working, or the pattern is no longer free, please leave a comment below.


Child Sweater Knitting Pattern

OMG! Soooooo cute! I absolutely love this knitted sweater. Gives the full instructions to make it in 4 different sizes. For sure one will be the right size for the little one you have in mind.

You can read the pattern in full here – Knitted Truck Sweater.


Crocheted Soccasins

“What is a Soccasin? It is a unisex moccasin-style slipper with a built-in sock leg to keep little feet very toasty and warm.” You can also switch up the pattern to make a ballet slipper or Mary Jane’s. I’ve given the link to the main page. The link to the pattern is here.

Read the pattern online – Β Crocheted Soccasins


FREE Knitting Stitches

Not necessarily falling under the “cute” title, I think many of you will find this incredibly useful. This is a great collection of various knitting stitches to use in upcoming projects. Some are for texture, some use colour, but the collection of various stitches a guaranteed to impress.

Look at the collection of them here – Free Knit Stitches


Abominable Baby Slippers

Another of those very old patterns that’s been archived, but you can still read online. You can use this crochet pattern to make slippers that are for a new born up to 2 years old.

Read it in full online here – Abominable Baby Slippers


Just Ducky – Hat & Slipper Socks

These links are a bit more complicated and the ducky hat and the ducky slipper socks are on two separate webpages. Put them together and you get this awesome knitted combo!

Be aware that the author of this pattern doesn’t want you to sell anything you make from the patterns. It’s for personal use only.

Get the patterns here – Just Ducky Hat and Just Ducky Slipper Socks


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