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Leaf Assortment Scarf by Wiam’s Crafts

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There’s not much that I don’t like about this crocheted scarf! From the great photos of the final project, to the colour of yarn chosen, to the detail of the pattern with tons of how-to photos! Not only is the pattern written out in the standard style, but the author of the blog included a crochet chart if that’s how you prefer to read patterns. Or let’s be honest. Not everyone speaks English. A crochet chart helps to solve that problem.

If you want to start crocheting your own version of this delightful scarf, here’s the link to get you there – Leaf Assortment Scarf.

If you want to add to the leaf assortment collection, there is also a headband with the same motif, and as the date of publication of my post, the matching hat is on it’s way!

Don’t miss out on all the other great crochet and knitting patterns on this site! Scroll down the page and past the comments to see a number of other popular patterns that are available.

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