Knit a Pair of Texting Mitts – FREE Download


Improve your texting in cold climates with these thumbless mittens. More than just a pair of fingerless gloves, these keep your hands warm and only expose your thumbs when needed.


The thumb pocket is sewn on and the flap is secured at the base of the palm with Velcro for easy access. The flap hangs in the back out of the way to enable your texting abilities. Plan on using your thumbs for a while? Then simply tuck the flap into the thumb pocket.

The sizes are each written separately as each size is a bit different in row and stitch counts. Click the size you want in the table of contents and it will take you to the correct point in the pattern. Medium fits the average lady’s hand, large for men, and small for pre-teens.

If you’re not comfortable with downloading this pattern from my site you can also read the pattern in full here – Knit a Pair of Texting Mitts.

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Like all my patterns, the purchase of this pattern allows you to make and sell any mittens that you make. You may not sell or redistribute this pattern in any way.

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