How to Knit a Cable Scarf – FREE Download


The perfect knitting project for binge watching the latest series on Netflix and incidentally, how I developed this pattern. To Breaking Bad, if you must know. I’m sure Walter White would be proud.


The pattern is easy to follow and repeats the same eight rows for the length of the scarf, which can be as long or as short as you like. If you have never knitted cables before, the pattern includes photos and instructions how to do it. By the time you’re finished this project, you’ll have mastered the art of the cable stitch, have a lovely scarf and hopefully have closure for all your favourite characters.

Don’t feel comfortable with downloading this pattern from my website? You canย read it on another section of this websiteย Netflix and Knit…this Scarf.

If you are having trouble with the pattern, you can use this handy playlist. The first video shows how to start the cable pattern. The following 2 videos show how to C2F and C2B.

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