How to Knit Adult Ribbed Bootie Slippers

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I designed these bootie slippers to be as easy to knit as possible. They are knit flat with no extra needles or special techniques required. If you know how to cast on, purl, knit and bind off you will be more than capable of finishing these for yourself or someone else!

The knitting pattern is written to fit feet from a ladies size 6 – 12 and a man’s 5 – 12.

If you feel that the small fee/donation to download is too much,  another option to read the ad supported pattern in full here: Simple to Knit Ribbed Bootie Slippers


If you don’t know how to do those stitches, if you go to the online line version of this pattern, there are links to knitting videos demonstrating every one of those stitches.

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2 reviews for How to Knit Adult Ribbed Bootie Slippers

  1. Cynthia Shelley (verified owner)

    I payed my small fee. But it will not let me print. It keeps bringing up a blank page.

    • admin

      When you purchase a pattern from my website you’ve purchased the PDF version of the pattern. You’ll need to log into your account and go to “Your Downloads” in the menu. All your purchases are there.

      You can also check your email. You’ll be sent a link that will automatically open the pattern and make you able to print it. If it isn’t there, check your junk email folder. Depending on your settings, it may be there.

  2. Sharon

    Can’t download pattern without all the adds and clutter.
    I would like to make them from a printed pattern and would be willing to pay.

    • admin

      The ads are what covers the cost of the web hosting for this website. Google automatically places the ads on the pages and I have no control over that. I appreciate that you would be willing to pay to remove the clutter, but unfortunately, most are not and I can’t afford to cover the costs of running the website.

      Look for the “Add to Cart” button on the page. Click the little basket and and proceed with the check out.

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