Easy to Knit Bow Slippers


Hand knit slippers are wonderful, but it’s nice to be able to make a fancier pair, especially if you are making them as a gift. This pattern shows you how to make slippers for girls from size 9 up to a woman’s size 12.

The stitches used to make the slippers are very basic and this pattern includes detailed instructions and step by step photos that show how to create the bows. This makes it a great project for a knitter with some experience but wanting to make something that is a little more challenging.

If you’d prefer to read this knitting pattern for free online, you can do so here – Adult & Child Knitted Slippers…with BOWS!.

If you really, REALLY want the download but don’t want to do it from my website, you can also download this pattern for the same small fee from Google Books, Amazon, Etsy or Ravelry.


If you are just learning how to knit or need to brush up on your knitting skills, this pattern download also includes links to videos that show you how to do all the basic stitches including: casting on, knit stitch, purl, bind off, knit 2 together, draw through, and how to pick up stitches to make the heel.

The purchase of this pattern allows you to make and sell slippers, but you may not redistribute or resell this pattern.

I also sell finished slippers. You can use this link to see all the styles that are available – buy custom knit slippers.

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