Hand Knit Hippo Fingerless Gloves, Fingerless Mitts Mittens, Half Gloves


Not gonna lie, I do like designing fingerless mitts! This particular version is now a super cute pair of fingerless mitts or gloves but with hippos! I feel like I should call them fingerless glovelettes but I’m fairly sure that isn’t a word. But I did learn recently these are also known as granny gloves. I got that from a YouTube video 😉

These fingerless gloves are made to order when you order them. Made in your choice of colour and in the size that fits you!

Made from 100% acrylic yarn, they are easy to maintain. Wash in the gentle cycle in cold water, dry on low or better yet, hang to dry.

Do you know how to knit? I also have the pattern available for FREE right here on my website. You can read it here: Super Cute Hippo Fingerless Gloves – FREE Knitting Pattern 

If shopping on the site creeps you out, these are also available in my Etsy Shop.


These fingerless gloves are made to order when you order them. I can make them in any colour you wish but I’ve only listed 3 here on my website. You can choose any of the colours listed in the drop down selection.

The sizes range from small, medium and large. To give you an idea of how they fit, I wear a medium sized rubber glove, and the medium size fit my hands. There is always a little lee way when it comes to anything knit. It will stretch a bit to fit if necessary.  I’ve included a hand sizing infographic to help.

These are knitted flat on pointed needles which makes them have a seam. There is no other way to make the gloves work with the hippo. And the hippo is created with a mixture of varying stitches and will never fall off.

Oh, ya. These fingerless gloves are my design. I made them up from scratch sitting on my couch watching YouTube. It took me months to get them just right. And this is the result of trying to design a sitting cat. Ya. I know. This is nothing like a cat.

Free shipping is available only to main land United States because that’s where I sell most of my stuff. If you’re Canadian I have to add additional shipping costs. It costs me over $20 (CAD) to ship within Canada but only $9 (CAD) to the USA. I don’t get it either. If you live outside of th USA,  the extra shipping is an additional fee. This additional cost for Canadian and other international shipping is the same whether you buy one pair of slippers or 10.

More FREE patterns

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