How to Crochet Jewelry – Flower and Friendship Bracelet


Back on the bracelet train! This time it’s for a beautiful flower that you can wear on your wrist. I really enjoy making these. It’s fun to see how the flower will turn out based on the colour choices you choose.

Don’t want to download the pattern from my website? That’s totally cool and you can read the pattern in full on my website here – Crochet Flower and Friendship Bracelet




The bracelet itself is a very basic design and can easily be made as a stand alone item. Originally, I was going to publish the bracelet alone but figured if you wanted to make just the bracelet you could make that choice all on your own.

And if you are looking to make some extra cash and sell these, which I’m always cool with btw, the cost to make these is next to nothing. You can purchase crochet cotton thread for very reasonable costs at second hand stores and at many big box stores.

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