The Knit Stitch – Knitting Video

The most basic stitch that one can knit – the knit stitch. Now that you’ve mastered casting on, you can start making your first swatch. Cast on 20 stitches. Count the loops on your needle to confirm how many there are. One loop is one stitch. Watch the video below. Repeat this stitch down the length of your 20 stitches, This counts as one row. 

Flip your work so the pointy end of you needle is facing towards the right (sorry lefty’s, I don’t have the left-handed version of this). Repeat making the stitches down the length of your 20 stitches. Count to double check. Too many? You may have accidentally pulled your yarn forward or knitting 2 stitches in one stitch. Not enough? One of the stitches was missed when you were completing the row.

Practice making as many rows as you like. If you feel the need to make something, casting on more stitches, say about 45 if you’re using size 5mm (size 8 US) needles and worsted weight yarn, will make you a very basic scarf. πŸ˜„

Now for The Purl Stitch.