Knit A Monster Purse – Free Download


Knit your own conversation piece when you knit this funky and original monster purse. Think a monster purse is a β€œbit much”? You can use the same design without the eyes and appendages and have a really cool fluffy purse. Still guaranteed to get you the occasional comment and looks of envy. 😍

Not cool with a download and would prefer to read the pattern online. I have the knitting pattern written out in full on my website. You can read the pattern here – Monster Purse Knitting Pattern


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I’ve made this pattern as simple as possible with the least amount of sewing necessary (my least favourite thing to do). It doesn’t even need a zipper, as I designed it to have a flap to fold over and hold in your valuables securely.

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The knitting pattern is fairly simple and easy to follow, but in case you have a hard time with the fluff stitch, I made a video which shows the technique. You can see it on my YouTube channel by clicking this link: How to Knit the Fluff or Loop Stitch video.


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