How to Knit in the Round – Knitted Fingerless Owl Gloves

Me knitting fingerless owl gloves

Have you wanted to learn how to knit in the round but were intimidated when the knitting pattern required knitting on multiple needles? Well, those days are about to be in your past. If you ever wanted to learn to knit in the round on double pointed needles (dpn), I’ve made this step-by-step video showing you every round and stitch of this pattern. You can’t NOT do this. All that knitting on DPN takes a smidgen of practice and having someone show you how it is done.

But enough blib, blab. You can start watching the video right here! If you are looking for a particular round, I added cards to the video. Simply scroll through the video to where you are in the pattern. This will only work if you push play first though.

Click the ▶️ button above to start the video

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The knitting pattern is written out in full right here on this website. You can read that here – How to Knit Fingerless Gloves – With OWLS! A new page will open so you don’t lose this page 😉

If you would prefer a downloadable, printable PDF version, you can buy that for 99¢ on this website, too – Owl Fingerless Gloves, or at other ebook retailers such as RavelryEtsyLoveCraftsAmazon and Google Books. I’m published just about everywhere.

This is also a great pattern if you have a bit of left over yarn from other knitting projects. Like enough to knit one slipper, but you’re not sure if you’ll have enough to finish the whole pair. I know. We’ve all been there.

A few quick words on sizing. Instead of going through all the effort to remake the pattern for different sizes, and to keep the proportion of the knitted owls the same, I’ve gone about adjusting the sizing by changing the size of your knitting needles.

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