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Welcome to my website! Here you will find all of my knitting and crochet patterns and purchase hand knit slippers, gloves, crochet jewelry & more; all made by me! If you scroll a bit further down the page, you can see all the latest additions to the site. Or we can get down to it…

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The Latest FREE Patterns!!!

Not the crafty type? No worries! I have a selection of finished items that you can peruse at your leisure. And now, I also take custom orders! If you see a pair of slippers, socks, bracelets or anything else you’d like, by all means, pick the size and colour you’d like. I have many styles to choose from.

Here are my latest additions…

Below are quick links to my most popular creations including the best prices on my hand knit slippers! Click here to see everything I have for sale.

Hand Knit Dishcloths

Custom order handmade dishcloths made from my designs. Made from 100% cotton yarn.

Maybe you’re just learning to knit or looking for complete video tutorials. I have videos that can show you how.

1 thought on “Home – FREE Patterns, Videos and Handmade Goodies

  1. I just finished the finished the fingerless mitts with bows. I enjoyed every moment of it. I made on small change: I picked up 13 stitches for the thumbs but combined two of the stitches and knitted two rows in k1 p1. If you let me know how, I could send you a picture.

    Thank you for this pattern.

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