How to Crochet Jewelry – Mandala & Flower Necklace – Crochet Pattern Download!!


It’s amazing what one can do with little coloured thread, a crochet hook and a bit of ingenuity ?

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The inspiration for these crochet necklaces was originally the creation of a mandala. For those who are unfamiliar with mandalas, the idea is to create a balance of visual elements and this in turn symbolizes unity and harmony. With the creation of a mandala, it will help to pull these concepts from intention to manifestation in a person’s life. And to be honest, who couldn’t use a little more harmony and balance?!

You can crochet both necklaces in a very short time period, especially if you have some crocheting experience, which I recommend you have. This isn’t a project for beginners. There are some spots where the work needs to be turned to work either on the back side or on the good side. Once again, there are plenty of photos to help you with the process and show you exactly how to do it.

The download of this FREE crochet pattern allows you to make and sell necklaces, but you may not redistribute or resell this pattern.

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