Moccasin Slippers with a Cuff – Knitting Pattern with How-to VIDEO!


This is the simplified version of my very popular Knitted Owl Slipper Pattern. I realized that not everyone may want owls on their slippers. That a more plain slipper was something that any man, woman or child would wear as plain old knitted slippers. If you are interested in the smaller, child sizes, you can try this link – Child Size Moccasin Slippers.

Not comfortable with downloading? You can always read the ad supported version of the knitting pattern in full here: FREE Knitted Slipper Pattern

If you would prefer to use another online retailer to download from, you can also find and download this pattern on Ravelry, Google Play, LoveCrafts,  Etsy and Amazon. Apple Books  coming soon ?. I’m waiting for final approval as you read this.