grey owl knitted fingerless gloves

Downloadable Patterns

I have a variety of knitting and crochet patterns for you to download and print. Some of my patterns are free but most require a small fee/donation to download. I had to change it from being completely free because some folks would download every single pattern on the site and not give so much as a thank you.

If you’re not comfortable with giving your information, you’re more than welcome to read the patterns online. Nearly all of my patterns are written out in full on my website.

For those out there who love handmade things, but aren’t that handy or don’t have the time to make anything, I do have a small selection of handmade things to buy. You can check out my finished items here – knitted slippers and more.

4 thoughts on “Downloadable Patterns

  1. Hi love your site…do you have a downloadable pattern for the owl gloves thanks

    1. No download as of yet. There hasn’t been much demand for it and creating pdf’s take a lot of work to create.

      1. Have you considered word document?

        1. No for two reasons. Not everyone runs a PC and uses Microsoft.

          PDF’s work on any device including a computer, tablet or smartphone regardless of the make. PDF is a universal format and the app to open them is free for everyone and been around for decades. It’s trustworthy and reliable.

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