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FREE Knitted Jewelry Patterns

If you’re looking to knit something different than a pair of slippers, sweaters, socks or mittens, look no further (and I bet you didn’t even know that knitted jewelry was “a thing” πŸ˜‰). Well folks, it certainly is and here are a few of my favourite designs that I found online to share with you.

Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff 

OMG the is so pretty!!! The free PDF is available as a download through Ravelry. Includes both written and chart instructions and is written in English and Dutch.

Download it here – Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff

Knitted Bluebird Brooch 

I really like the look of this one. Simple and cute! Be warned. I’m not sure how long/if the link will continue to work. This was apparently uploaded to the internet a while ago and is actually in an archive section. It may take a while to load the page.

Hope this works, but here’s the link – Knitted Bluebird Brooch


Love the title for this one πŸ˜…. This is another one of those knitting patterns that really can be made to suit the wearer with something as simple as choosing a variegated yarn. Regardless, this lacy necklace would make a great gift, even or yourself πŸ˜‰

Read it here – Knecklace

Perdita – A Pretty Knitted Bracelet

I absolutely love this and is what inspired this list, if I can be honest. The pattern is written out in full as a chart AND as the written pattern. I love the final look of this knitted bracelet.

You can read it here – Perdita

Band Cuffs

These would look great alone or stacked together as shown. And what a great way to use up the left over stash! (We all have those tiny balls that we hoard for projects just like these. Admit it.) 

Read it online or get the PDF here – Band Cuffs

The Nameless Choker

If you’re into lace knitting, this may be right up your alley. Made with a small quantity of sock yarn, you could get a bunch of different effects if using a variegated yarn. 

You can read the pattern in full online here – The Nameless Choker