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Nothing fancy here. Just a plain pair of knitted ribbed slippers that fit well on all shapes of feet and are great for both men and women.

Because of the ribbing they are both tight and stretch to fit where they need to be. They are also easy to take care of. Because they are made from acrylic yarn, you can throw them in the laundry and put them in the drier on low. They will tend to pill when you wear them because “that’s how acrylic yarn do”. If you want natural fibres, the price of the yarn increases exponentially and I can’t sell them for reasonable prices.



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I like these slippers and so do a lot of other people. This is probably one of the most popular slippers that I make. Chances are good that if I’m not currently knitting a pair, I just finished a set and am packing it up for the mail.

Please indicate when ordering if you are needing the slippers for a man or a woman. Sizing prices differ because larger sizes take longer to knit, use more yarn and are heavier when completed, therefore costing more to ship.

Free shipping is available only to main land United States because that’s where I sell most of my stuff. If you’re Canadian I have to add additional shipping costs. it costs me nearly $20 (CAD) to ship within Canada but only $8 (CAD) to the USA. I don’t get it either. If you live outside of these areas, additional shipping charges will be automatically added.

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