Hand Knit Dishcloths Diamond Motif – FREE Shipping!


Set of 2 hand knit 100% cotton dishcloths based on my own design! The diamond pattern is created when knitting the dishcloth and guaranteed to never fall off. If you are the crafty sort, you can read the pattern here – Diamonds Dishcloth Knitting Pattern.

I’m taking custom orders with the same look but in different colours, if this colour choice isn’t to your liking. If you do like the look of the ones in the photo, choose the “As shown in photo” option. It’s for the “White” and Beige with Flecks”. You can order both dishcloths in the same colour or 2 different colours. If you want 2 different colours, please contact me so we can sort that out before you make your purchase.

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Free shipping is available only to main land United States because that’s where I sell most of my stuff. If you’re Canadian or elsewhere, I have to add additional shipping costs. it costs me nearly $20 (CAD) to ship within Canada but only $7 (CAD) to the USA. I don’t get it either.

Even though it’s shown in the photo, the dishcloth with the blue colour edging is not one of the choices. I’m out of the yarn and can’t find it anymore.

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