Crochet a Victorian Charm Bracelet and Necklace


Crochet isn’t limited to afghans and throw pillows. You can make nearly anything and this pattern proves it!

With this pattern you can make truly unique bracelets and necklaces. The look and feel of the final piece you create with this pattern depends entirely on the style of the charms you choose. You can make it seasonal to celebrate a holiday, commemorate a life event like a wedding, birth or vacation, or just be radically cool because you found some way awesome charms. The limitations are endless!

If you aren’t comfortable paying the minimal fee/donation to download, thereย is the ad supported crochet pattern written out in full for on the website here – How to Crochet Jewelry โ€“ Make a Victorian Steampunk Necklace and Bracelet



As far as the difficulty of the pattern, adding the charms may be a little tricky at first, but no worries. There are a bunch of pictures included that show you how to attach the charms so they’ll face the right direction.

The download of this pattern allows you to make and sell any physical products, but NOT to sell or redistribute the pattern in any way.

I have some of these finished items for sale in my shop. You can see what I have for sale here – Finished Crocheted Jewelry.

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