Cable Knit Wine Bottle Cozy or Koozie – Free Download


What every overly pretentious bottle of wine needs – a hipster sweater! Dress up that cheap bottle of $8 wine for your next hoity-toity dinner party. I’m nearly certain no one will notice you cheaped out and the sweater alone will wow them into a false sense ostentatiousness!


ozyWhile this project looks complicated, in truth, cable stitches aren’t that difficult to master. It’s VERY repetitive. Once you see the pattern forming, you’ll know when to pull your stitches either to the front or the back of your work. That’s all you do with a cable needle. It’s a smaller needle that holds, then let’s you work the stitches in a different order to form braids, or in this instance, cable patterns. If you’re not sure how to cable, I provided a simple explanation how to do it and linked the abbreviations C2B, C2F, TS, etc. to these descriptions. I’m assuming this isn’t your first knitting project and know knitting basics.

Not comfortable downloading? You can also read the pattern on another section of this website – Cable Knit Wine Bottle Cozy or Koozie.

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