Boho Hippie Chic Crochet Flower Bracelet Bangle Cuff


One of a kind!

This unique crocheted flower bracelet is the latest in my fiber flower collection that I’ve been working on here and there for the last year or so.



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I literally have a bag of assorted flowers and leaves I’ve made. Some of these pre-made parts are used, others are created as I make the bracelet to give it balance and more visual appeal. Some parts I make don’t fit into the final creation, so into the bag of flowers and leaves they go. It’s a very flowing design technique and I never know how the final piece will turn out. Everything I make is completely unique and couldn’t be duplicated even if I tried.

The bracelet comes with a simple tie so you can secure it firmly around your wrist. I hate it when a bracelet’s good side falls to the inside of my arm too. The section that fit over your wrist measure 5″ long and 4 ” wide from leaf tip to leaf tip. This bracelet should fit nearly everyone. I’ve ade the ties quite long and you can easily cut them shorter if need be.


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