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Free Knitted Scarf & Cowl Patterns

pleated scarf

When the wind starts to blow and temperatures get cold, it’s time to bundle up and keep warm with these knitted scarf and cowl patterns. All are free and available as either a download or to read online.

Like always, I’m looking to link to more free crochet and knit patterns out there on the web. Want me to include your work? Contact me here and send me the link and other details you’d like me to share.

Pleated Scarf Pattern

Make a lovely scarf with this pattern. The pattern itself forms the pleats with no folding or ironing involved. If I don’t have to iron to make it look like this, I’m sold! 

Get the download on Ravelry here – Arisaid Pleated Scarf

Twined Flowers

A bit of a different design that makes for a lovely, drape-y kind of feel. The pattern is online and can also be downloaded. The link to see it says download, but it will open up in your browser window. 

Read it here – Twin Flowers Scarf Pattern

Knitted Cowl Pattern

A simple and repetitive pattern and great for the beginner knitter. You can read the pattern in full online here – Birthday Cowl.

Textured Knit Purl Cowl 

This cowl made with a soft wool would feel absolutely amazing! The pattern is written out in full on the website. And it’s so easy, it’s literally 2 rows repeated over and over. Read the pattern here – Textured Knit Purl Cowl

First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf

Another pattern that’s great for a beginning knitter. As long as you know how to Yarn Over and have your basic stitches down, you’ll do great at this! Read the pattern in full online here – First-Timer Knit Lace Scarf

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