Cast Off or Bind Off – Learn How to Knit Video

This is one of those stitches that’s referred to 2 ways but is the same regardless. The biggest tip I can give you when doing this knitting stitch is to make your loop that passes over a little bigger than you normally would. This is especially true if you are casting off something that needs to have a bit of stretch to it like a slipper cuff, or a ribbed neck line on a sweater.

Moving on toΒ K1 P1 Ribbing. You don’t have to follow lesson for lesson anymore. You know enough about the basics by the time you got to this page that you can pick and choose which techniques you’ll need. Chances are, you’ll run across an abbreviation in a pattern you’re making. Now is a good time to use the search feature of the site to find what stitch or technique you may need. If you’re getting too many results, try putting your search terms in quotations.